Monday, April 07, 2014


so many things i should be working on … but instead i cast on something new.

i am smitten with the cover sweater of the most recent vogue knitting magazine (vogue spring/summer 2014). the cover sweater is known as #02 cap-sleeve tee and cowl. i know, vogue is not very imaginative with their garment names, but it at least accurate not some esoteric statement.

here is the ravelry link.

and here is my progress …


i am using an old cotton from stash. the pattern calls for a dk wt. yarn and i'm using an aran, but knitted at the same generous gauge of 4 stitches to the inch.


the put up is 50 grams / 70 yards -- that means lots of ends to weave in.

i don't know yet if this is a "keeper". but, it has been fun and challenging thus far.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Carolina Fiber'fest

i had a very good afternoon! i drove down to the carolina fiber fest, in sanford. for me, it was about 80 miles round trip --- very "do-able". i did go by myself. i had asked a couple of friends, but neither was able to come with.


"the money shot"

the above photo is of the haul. i bought more than i had imagined. there's SO MUCH YARDAGE there. i must have the illusion that i have time to make everything i want to.

but, here we'll look at each yarn.

first, this is classic merino lace in colorway "blueberry jam". it's made by knitting notions. it was in a 50% bin. i found 2 of the same dye lot. altogether, i have 770 yards.


this will eventually become a shawl. i've yet to knit a circular shawl … perhaps i should?

next, i got this cotton …


Manju, who manufactures and dyes this yarn was so much fun to talk to! she is based out of wake forest, nc. she has an etsy shop here. this ball is 4.2 ounces, which she says will be enough for a summer shell/pullover.

after that … it's a blur …..

so, at some point, i picked up this wee hank of superfine alpaca. this little itty bitty hank is 620 yards of a pumpkin colored lace weight.


it is made by tailored fibers of maryland. i always "need" more shawls.

next, more cotton!


this cotton is 100% american -- grown & spun, and hand dyed. i got these two shades to knit a shawl --- likely this one (partly sunny). the company that makes this yarn is stony hill fiber arts. i will knit the green as the body color, and the funky sand as the border.


i did not capture the beauty of this yarn. it is a gradient silk lace weight yarn, by apple tree knits.

be biggest challenge with this yarn will be for me to find a shawl pattern i love that uses every yard.


and lastly, sock yarn. sock yarn to actually knit socks.

i have not been knitting socks much lately, but i do want to knit a pair as a gift to a very dear friend. his favorite color is green, and this yarn is not green. it's like a mix of cool steel and rust.

but it's such a nice mix. and the yarn is wandering wool's helvellyn sock (colorway: midnight sun). this hank is about 464 yards --- plenty of yardage for "man socks".

next … i need to find a good sock pattern with a lot of forgiveness/flexibility … as i'm knitting for a person i cannot measure.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

a little bit of progress

i had a full day … went to an 8am meeting, got some food afterwards and then headed over to a friend's house. from there, we went to our local lys.

there, i had some "unproduction" --- made some knitting mistakes, and haven't yet "recovered" from the ripping out of my crochet.

then i went to my eye appointment --- YAY! new glasses! --- well, after the lenses are made.

i stopped at the grocery store to pick up some eggs & avocados, then finally headed home.

here's the progress part …..


i am working on the sweater front --- but in order to figure out where to start the neck shaping, i have to first block the back and consider my row gauge.

so, sweater back was soaked for a bit, and then spread out to dry (otherwise known as "blocking", or in ready-to-wear, "hand wash, dry flat").

♥ i love seeing the lace pattern all spread out !!! ♥

when it's dry, i will measure and calculate backwards. my yarn is not the same weight, and my gauge is different.

also, i picked up an eagerly awaited magazine today !


… the latest issue of knitscene.

it has some terrific summertime pullovers. and it will be my bedtime reading.

Friday, April 04, 2014

a bit of sewing

for weeks now, i've wanted to try out any of the online sewing tutorials i've bookmarked for various project bags. most of the tutorials i've bookmarked have been for some type of drawstring bag.

but there was one i bookmarked for a zippered notions bag … or for their version, a zipped pencil case.

my little bag is done. at first, i thought it looked shabby. but, the more i look at it, the more i like it.


first of all … a disclaimer --- most of these photos have been altered with a photo filter. that said, the colors are not accurate. BUT, i really love seeing how this print changes with the alterations.


(picture of the other side of my zipped bag) … with a different photo filter.


… and the inside view!

the colors are all "off" … but it doesn't matter. it's a beautiful bag.

i found an old photo in my flickr of the fabric that was mailed to me in 2007, from cauchy09.

kaffe remnants

… see it in the bottom right corner?

the fabric is from kaffe fassett! wow … his color sense and composition are amazing! i have several of his early knitting books. they are timeless. and now, i have a new notions bag sewn from one of his fabrics, mailed to me 7 years ago from a fellow flickr friend =)

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

bouncing ...

… between a couple of projects.


on my marigold pullover, i am working on the front. at some point, i will have to pause, measure gauge, and figure out at which point i will start the neckline shaping. for now, the knitting on it is mindless … kinda like my clapotis …

tonight, i'm only 48 stitches away from finishing (i decrease 1 stitch each row). my favorite part is getting to where i drop stitches. i'm anxious to see how this will block. i am on my 3rd ball of yarn, though i won't use that much of it.

i will have a few extra ends to weave in because there have been a couple of knots along the way. it is HEAVY. it won't be the wrap i stash in my purse for an evening out.

Monday, March 31, 2014

new book arrived


i ordered this book via amazon about 2 1/2 weeks ago. it finally arrived today in my mailbox. i only paid 83 cents for it (plus $4 shipping!) … but still, that's better than the regular paperback price for a new book.

my copy was from a library. it has the library's barcodes and shelf number all over it. it's gently used, and in really great shape for being a former library book!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

2 balls

That's where I am now ... 2 balls in on each of these projects ....

on the left is my clapotis … it's almost finished! i am on "section 4". my second ball is rapidly diminishing.  i do have a third ball in the wings.

on the right is my "kaw kaw" pullover summer top (also known as "sunny"). i am finally on the front (finished yesterday). and i just realized, in the photo, i'm showing the backside. 

regardless …shortly here i'll have a new summer wrap and lacy tee (ps, not to be worn together!).
what's next? i still need to finish my crochet cool waves shawl, my test crochet molecule, and start many other things.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

you know it's bad when ...

… your co-workers (you know, your non-crafty friends) even make comments on the project you're currently working on, after realizing they haven't seen ____ or ____ or a finished _____.


oh … what do THEY know?!

here's my clapotis … i'm on my second ball of yarn. this has become my latest "mindless" project.

it's very easy. and it's going to be a wonderful summertime stole =)

i haven't abandoned my other projects, it's just that each project fits a mood or time. and they're MY projects, to amuse me. not guilt.

here's funny note. my crochet shawl has been renamed "xanadu" by one of my co-workers. and my golden tee has been named "sunny" … which, by the way, has an almost completed back!